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Cittá in vitro, dalla metropoli malata ad un “laboratorio” per curarla// City in a test tube, the metropolis ill to a laboratory to cure it

The future that awaits us is old.   It’s old if we don’t think about it in a new way.  This project aims to redesign the various lifestyles by looking to the origins of our society for a conscious community.
 A campus in the fields.  This is the idea of a development in a large agricultural area where production and thinking are intertwined as are agriculture and philosophy: moments of the human experience that have drifted apart in todays society, almost to the point of non recognition.  It’s a place surrounded by nature where one lives and works.  A place where professors, researchers and students face and develop projects that revolve around the quality of life.  To be immersed in a productive natural setting that shows the cycles of nature and life in relation to those natural cycles, aiming to be an inspiration for thoughts that can create a new future.

Acting with attention and respect to this place.  A community where diverse thoughts from the agronomist to the economist, from the sociologist to the urban planner combine their responsibilities and actions.  A community that shows a new future in a real place. in fact, sustainability is approached (considered) not only as an attitude of respect, but also to act upon and to produce in a responsible manner.

Living ones thoughts.  in the research center there are those who live permanently and run the whole organization.  There are those who come for a limited time, even bringing the families along.  The activities that are carried out are planning, from the thoughts on lifestyles to the construction of real situations.